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OK, enough on yahoos

Since I seem to have started this, I probably ought to make a final(!) 
comment.  This subject is not why I participate in this list, either.

Now, to make a short story long:  Back in the 70's, when I began this 
convoluted journey that might be called a career, creationists frequently 
made big news (at least in the local media), touring the country to 
debate evolution vs. creation.  Judging by audience response, 
creationists (being "pros" at this game, and normally playing to friendly 
audiences) tended to make monkeys of the paleontologists/biologists.  
Eventually, the mainstreamers (evolutionists) caught on to what was 
happening, and fewer and fewer were willing to participate in such 
confrontations.  Thus, creationists have had fewer opportunities of this 
sort.  That's why I suggested ignoring them, and myself have turned down 
invitations to debate.  And remember, don't argue with an imbecile, 
because a bystander might not be able to tell the difference!  (Who said 
that?)  There are indeed situations, however, when we should answer the 
challenge.  I caution anyone who might be tempted to enter the fray 
publically that the experience may not be what you're expecting.  The 
better-known creationists, such as those at the Institute for Creation 
Resaearch in San Diego, are pros at this (THE DEBATE, I mean), and more 
likely than not, you're just a babe in the woods (when it comes to THE 
DEBATE, that is).  

Ok, so I'm wordy.

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