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Re: OK, enough on yahoos

In a message dated 95-12-12 17:20:42 EST, NKING.UCS@smtp.usi.edu writes:

>  The 
>better-known creationists, such as those at the Institute for Creation 
>Resaearch in San Diego, are pros at this (THE DEBATE, I mean), and more 
>likely than not, you're just a babe in the woods (when it comes to THE 
>DEBATE, that is).  

In a pinch, carry THE DEBATE into their corner. Force them to prove that the
Bible is infallible and not a hoax they printed up to deceive humanity. Force
them to prove there was a worldwide flood. Force them to prove the world was
created 10,000 years ago. Don't get yourself into a position where you're
replying to their arguments--as if their arguments had any validity.