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Furcula, bird-hips and Pelicanimimus


   1)  Do (did) any animals other than birds and theropods have furculae?

   2)  Is there a really good reference somewhere that discusses why modern
bird hips are more like theropod "lizard hips" than ornithischian "bird
hips"?  Preferably this should be in one of the popular dino books rather
than a magazine or journal reference.  My local public and university
libraries don't even get _Nature_....

   3)  As mentioned above I can't get the _Pelicanimimus_ article in Nature
so could somebody describe the fossil/article in some detail?  I'm
especially interested in the skin impressions that lead to the speculation
of proto-feathers.  (also, per Dinogeorge's previous message, what is a
gular pouch and what the heck is integumentary?)

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