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Re: Furcula, bird-hips and Pelicanimimus

In a message dated 95-12-12 23:30:32 EST, jpoling@infinet.com (Jeff Poling)

>   Questions:
>   1)  Do (did) any animals other than birds and theropods have furculae?

Not to my knowledge. Clavicles, however, are abundant throughout Vertebrata..

>   2)  Is there a really good reference somewhere that discusses why modern
>bird hips are more like theropod "lizard hips" than ornithischian "bird
>hips"?  Preferably this should be in one of the popular dino books rather
>than a magazine or journal reference.  My local public and university
>libraries don't even get _Nature_....

It's simply an example of convergence. I find it interesting that "bird hips"
evolved once in each major dinosaur lineage (Phytodinosauria and Aves).

They _don't_ get _Nature_??? That's like your local newsstand not getting

>   3)  As mentioned above I can't get the _Pelicanimimus_ article in Nature
>so could somebody describe the fossil/article in some detail?  I'm
>especially interested in the skin impressions that lead to the speculation
>of proto-feathers.  (also, per Dinogeorge's previous message, what is a
>gular pouch and what the heck is integumentary?)

Gular pouch: a pouch at the throat, as in pelicans...

Integumentary: having to do with the skin (integument)