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Re: Bat origins

>Is there any relationship between the Pterodactyls and other large flying
>reptiles, and bats.

Pterosaurs and bats are entirely unrelated.  Pterosaurs (which are the only
flying reptiles if you don't count birds!) are either archosaurian reptiles
related to dinosaurs (the usual view) or perhaps more closely related to the
line leading to lizards (a new and unusual view).  Bats are perfectly good
mammals.  Mammals arose from an entirely different line of "reptiles" from
the one that produced dinosaurs, lizards, birds, crocs and pterosaurs - the
synapsids, which I gather aren't even called reptiles any more though they
are still referred to as reptiles in many books.

Not only did bats and pterosaurs evolve flight independently, their wing
structure isn't even all that similar. The pterosaur wing is supported by
only one finger, the outermost, ewhereas the bat wing is supported by three
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