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Re: Re: Footprints -Reply

>In a message dated 95-12-12 09:50:28 EST, WHITMOREJ@cedarnet.cedarville.edu
>(John H. Whitmore) writes:
>>It is true.  Trace fossils, tracks, burrows, etc.,  all are given scientific
>>names different from their maker.  Often the maker is not known with
>>certain identity.
>And I'm pretty sure that, if the maker is known, its body-fossil name gets
>priority over its trace-fossil name even if coined later.

Actually, no.

The ichnotaxon name applies to the hole in the mud.  Even if its maker is
well established, the name of the maker does NOT apply to the footprint (or
feeding trace, or whatever).

Although this seems weird to many vert paleo types, similar parataxonomies
(not in the sense of George Olshevsky, but in the sense of alternative
taxonomies for different plant organs, ichnites, etc.) are common in
invertebrate paleo and paleobotany/palynology.

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