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Query: Feline genera

To all:

I realize that this query has nothing to do with dinosaurs, but I am aware
that many participants on this server could easily answer it.  To keep it
from turning up in future digests, I would ask all who reply to NOT post
their reply on the server, and rather, simply send replies to my e-mail
address directly: raptorrkc@aol.com.

I am trying to record the scientific names of existing vertebrates on my
computer, and when I got to the cats, I was stuck.  I realize that
all-too-many species have been lumped into _Felis_, and that actual new
genera have been created for the species that do not belong.  What are the
new scientific names for these felines?  I thank all in advance who decide to
reply.  I really am trying to have the most realistic list of vertebrates

And also, if you are familiar with raptor (bird-of-prey) classification,
please tell me -- I have a query on that, too.

Thanks in advance.

Rachel "has not posted on this server for a LONG time" Clark (Raptor RKC)