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Re: Synapsids are NOT reptiles!

In a message dated 95-12-14 11:28:45 EST, rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu
(Mickey Rowe) writes:

>Since George was an observer (if not a participant) in the relevant
>discussions which occurred on s.b.p about a month ago, he should be
>well aware that the word "fish" has no formal taxonomic standing
>according to anybody (*I'd* like to see a formal reference to the
>taxon "fish" if anyone knows of one used during the last 50 years...).
>In the colloquial sense that the word "fish" is frequently used (both 
>within and outside of scienctific meetings), LN Jeff is correct in
>claiming that we are descended from fish.

I just dislike typing out "osteichthyan" instead of "fish" when I'm talking
about fish.