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Re: Linnean Classification and Creationism

In a message dated 95-12-14 15:29:00 EST, cpretzma@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
(Chip Pretzman) writes:

>Dino George replies:
>>Even these are arbitrary: When are two species close enough to be
>The defintion of congeneric refers to two or more species that share the
>same genus.  What do you mean by this retort?  Congeric refers to congeners,
>as in 'co-genera', and there are lots of species close enough to be
>congeneric, nearly all in essence.

Why did we consider small cats all to be in the genus _Felis_ at once time,
but now there are several genera to hold those species? What changed? Why is
_Brontosaurus excelsus_ considered to be in _Apatosaurus_ instead of in its
own genus? If the genus _Homo_ descended from the genus _Australopithecus_,
why isn't _Australopithecus_ a junior synonym of _Homo_? Why are _Barosaurus_
and _Diplodocus_ in separate genera? Why aren't _Stegosaurus ungulatus_ and
_Stegosaurus stenops_ in separate genera, or _Brachiosaurus altithorax_ and
_Briachiosaurus brancai_?

How similar is "similar enough to be congeneric"?