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Re: Therapsids

>Rob <Robert.J.Meyerson@uwrf.edu> writes:
>>>synapsids, which I gather aren't even called reptiles any more though they
>>>are still referred to as reptiles in many books.
>>Actually, synapsid is still a valid taxon within reptilia.  The two=
>> important ones, the pelecosaurs and therapsids, are considered true=
>> reptiles (warm-bloodedness appearing in the advanced therapsids)...
>Therapsids are generally considered to be non-reptiles by the same folks who
>consider dinosaurs to be non-reptiles (e.g. Bob Bakker, Adrian Desmond, and
>yours truly :) ).

They are also considered non-reptiles by the same folks who consider
dinosaurs (including birds) to be perfectly valid reptiles (e.g. Jacques
Gauthier, Kevin Padian, and yours truly :-)).

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