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We can do better than that

                 From the Desk of Chrysalis
 We can do better than that

While I appreciate John Schneiderman's movement of the 12 days of Christmas to
the dino realm, I couldn't help but give it another try.

THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS (condensed dinosaur edition):

O'er the twelve days of Christmas,
My true love dug up for me:

12 Parasolophasaurs trumpeting,
22 Pachycephalasaurs head-banging,
30 paleontologists a-leaping,
36 preparators dancing,
40 Oviraptors a-mothering,
42 swans-lizards a-swimming,
42 Protoceratops a-laying,
40 gold gastroliths,
36 not yet birds,
30 French cave paintings,
22 T Rexes, and
12 Archies in 12 Ginko trees.

or something like that

Happy Holidays.