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Re: Archaeopteryx teeth, claws and their TV viewing habits

>>   I don't think we need to rehash all of this, but I would like to know
>>what "ungual phalanx" means, and whether other dinosaurs had them.
>The ungual phalanx is the first phalanx of any digit, manual or pedal. Some
>workers don't consider it an ungual unless it is claw-shaped (e.g, not a
>hoof), but I'm not sure whether this usage is universal.

   So ... is the ungual phalanx the claw/claw-core or the bone it's attached to?

   BTW, do you have a good dictionary definition of "ungual phalanx" and
"exapted" lying around?  I think they're good candidates for the DML
Dictionary I maintain.

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