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Re: Re: Archaeopteryx teeth, claws and their TV viewing habits

>   So ... is the ungual phalanx the claw/claw-core or the bone it's attached

The bone at the end of the finger or toe.  In most decent animals, it forms
the core of the claw.  In many advanced primates, however, the nail sits
above the ungual and does not surround it.

>   BTW, do you have a good dictionary definition of "ungual phalanx" and
>"exapted" lying around?  I think they're good candidates for the DML
>Dictionary I maintain.

"Exaptation": formerly 'preadaptation'.  The adoption of a previously
existing evolutionary character into a new use.  For example, the bones of
vertebrates (ancestrally for mineral storage) were exapted into locomotory
structures by the ancestral sarcopterygians.

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