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Rob Meyerson's Farewell - For Now, and a note from Ken Carpenter

Robert.J.Meyerson@uwrf.edu (Rob Meyerson) temporarily unsubscribed
himself, and then tried to send the following message (which listproc
rejected since it will only pass messages from subscribers it

  Well, the semester has has come to a close, and finals week is
  bearing down on me like Godzilla on Tokyo.  I wanted to mention that
  it's been fun sparring with y'all.  I may not have always been
  convinced by the opposing argument(s), but I have learned to
  consider other ideas (not to mention where my own need to be
  See ya at the end of January.


  "Don't Panic!"

Rob asked me to forward the message.  Since I'm here, I'll also
mention that Ken Carpenter asked me to inform you all that the BLM has
purchased the Marsh-Felch Quarry at Canon City.  Barring the passage
of unfavorable legislature (note how diplomatic I am in not specifying
who might find such legislature unfavorable ;-) this means that all of
the Canon City Quarries are safely under the protection of the
U.S. Bureau of Land Management (thanks, Harley!)

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@lepomis.psych.upenn.edu)