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Re: cladistics

In a message dated 95-12-18 23:01:37 EST, TRDix@aol.com writes:

>Dr. Holtz is right about cladistics not being taught in high school.  Nor
>it taught in college when I attended.  Can anyone recommend a book where a
>cladistically ignorant dinophile can start from?  Or put me onto whatever
>journal I could read.  Thank  you in advance and I want to wish everyone the
>best for the holidays.  TR

There is actually a journal titled _Cladistics_, but it's loaded with
technical jargon and probably won't be much help. For starters, simply try to
assimilate the systematics sections of _The Dinosauria_. The section for
Ceratosauria is particularly cladistic. I have a little section on cladistic
terminology in the introduction to my forthcoming third printing of _Mesozoic
Meanderings_ #2. You could do worse than read the article on dinosaur
cladistics in the June 1995 issue of _Natural History_ magazine. The basics
are pretty trivial, but detailed analyses can drive you nuts.