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Re: Linnean Classification and Creationism

In a message dated 95-12-19 09:26:17 EST, ArtSippo@aol.com writes:

>In attempts
>at fertilizing ape ova with human sperm, the disparate numbered chromosomes
>do not line up properly in the fertilized egg and no true zygote forms.
>common descent may not allow the free flow of genes in both directions
>such a species boundary.  To me, the ability to fix the time of such
>chromosomal rearragements makes better sense as the start of a true taxa
>anatomic similarities/differences.  

An interesting question concerning this is, just how long did the chromosomal
rearrangement take? If it occurred spontaneously within, say, a single
individual in a population, how could that individual have found a breeding
partner in order to propagate the rearrangement throughout the entire
population? On the other hand, how could the same rearrangement have occurred
simultaneously in enough individuals so that they could find one another to