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Re: Re: cladistics

>There is actually a journal titled _Cladistics_, but it's loaded with
>technical jargon and probably won't be much help. For starters, simply try to
>assimilate the systematics sections of _The Dinosauria_. The section for
>Ceratosauria is particularly cladistic. I have a little section on cladistic
>terminology in the introduction to my forthcoming third printing of _Mesozoic
>Meanderings_ #2. You could do worse than read the article on dinosaur
>cladistics in the June 1995 issue of _Natural History_ magazine. The basics
>are pretty trivial, but detailed analyses can drive you nuts.

What would be even better, however, is to find a source that is not
explicity about dinosaurs: get the technique FIRST, then apply it!

The journals _Cladistics_ and _Systematic Biology_ are NOT good starting
points, as George pointed out.

The manual to MacClade is supposed to be an excellent source (haven't seen
it yet, still!), and can be purchased separately from the software.

There are some other good books out there (one by Cracraft & somebody else,
can't recall the second author).  Check the library under Systematic
Biology, Phylogenetics, or Systematics.

And, in a few years, the chapter on systematics in the Farlow & Brett-Surman
dinosaur book will be particularly informative! :-)

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