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Re: Linnean Classification and Creationism

In human beings, most chromosomal rearragements which we encounter in
medicine occur in a similar manner in different individuals spontaneously.
 They happen in one generation and may be passed on to future generations.
 For example, "Cri-du-chat" syndrome occurs with a translocation of the long
arm of the #2 chromosome.  There are several other similar examples.  As
such, the rearrangements if they are to be successfully promulgated MUST
occur frequently enough that it is possible to find a similarly endowed mate.
 It is very unlikely to happen by mere chance (though not impossible).  In
all honesty, I haven't really seen much talk about the evolutionary
significance of these rearrangements in the popular literature about
evolution (eg. Steven Jay Gould, Niles Eldredge, or DinoGeorge).  Someone
should talk about it though since it is an event which must be happening all
the time.