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>Dinosaur found crouching over eggs like bird
>    LONDON, Dec 20 (Reuter) - A fossilised dinosaur found incubating its eggs
>has offered the most graphic evidence yet of how they may have been the
>precursor of the modern bird.

   Another article on this find says:

   "Indeed, the sandstone fossil of a 9-foot-long, beaked carnivorous
dinosaur called an oviraptor, preserved with a nest and a brood of unhatched
young, is the sole direct evidence of any dinosaur behavior, experts said."

   Is this really the sole direct evidence?  I thought that Oviraptor got
its name because Roy Chapman Andrews found it laying across a nest of what
was then thought to be Protoceratops eggs.  Would not that find, then, also
be direct evidence?  The article does not give a date for the find.  Perhaps
this is the same fossil RCA found?

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