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Re: Oviraptora

In a message dated 95-12-21 13:56:26 EST, ornstn@inforamp.net (Ronald
Orenstein) writes:

>>>Dinosaur found crouching over eggs like bird
>>>    LONDON, Dec 20 (Reuter) - A fossilised dinosaur found incubating its
>>>has offered the most graphic evidence yet of how they may have been the
>>>precursor of the modern bird.
>Surely this is also the best direct evidence that at least this dinosaur
>could control its body temperature?  If you can't do that there's not much
>point in brooding - even if the idea is to provide shade, as otherwise the
>brooder would overheat.  This doesn't need to mean out and out homeothermy -
>even pythons can raise their temperature while brooding by muscular
>contractions - but it is surely highly suggestive.

This find isn't even evidence against an egg-stealing lifestyle for
_Oviraptor_. It could certainly have still been an egg-stealer--just,
perhaps, not the particular kinds of eggs it was found in proximity with.