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Limbaugh on Evolution and Dinosaurs

I picked up the following from talk.origins.  If true, this is truely
frightening, as Limbaugh has a large following here in the US.  Does anyone
have a transcript of his exact comments?
      I know Rush Limbaugh is very anti-intellectual; a few years back he
ridiculed the paleontologists that found the _Basiliosaurus_ specimen with
legs.  However, this is the first time I have heard of him being explicitly
anti-evolution.  Perhaps he is playing up to his listeners from the religious


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   Well, on a tip from a friend, I wandered on over to
   a.f.r.l. and found this little tidbit in John Switzer's
   summary of Rush's Dec. 14 Radio show...

     Going back to "The Lost World" by Michael Crichton, Rush warns
     his listening public that it is about evolution, a subject that
     many people disagree with and that Rush himself disagrees with
     when it comes to evolution between species. He does not believe
     that apes can become men, although he believes in evolution
     causing changes within particular species.

Given how ignorant and boneheaded he is on a plethora of other issues,
this hardly suprising. Rush personifies the worst kind of know-nothing
populism in US culture.