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Hi everyone, and season's greetings. Here's my first attempt at catching up with
what has interested me on the list over the past couple of weeks. Only another
couple hundred messages to go... when I deal with them I've got some amazing
news of a NEW THEROPOD.. see ya'll in a minute.

> Have such rearrangements occurred in mallard vs. pintail ducks (a form
> of dinosaur I threw in just to remain relevant ;-)?    (Mickey Rowe)

Thought I might venture the fact that, some time several decades ago, pintails
were removed from the mallard genus (_Anas_), and given their own - _Dafila_.
Now sunk into _Anas_, of course.

"And where there is dark, there are ghosts, who give me hope"

DARREN 'pulping it' NAISH