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Re:No place for Linbaugh bashing

In response to the report suggesting the dino on the eggs was the first
direct evidence of dinosaur behavior.  Anyone ever heard of footprints?

In response to those suggested that Linbaugh is an ignorant 
anti-intellectual on evolution and everything else.  Linbaugh is 
certainly not a scientist and often errs when he ventures into 
scientific areas. However, I think some in this forum who venture into 
politics do the same. At any rate, as not everyone on this list shares 
the hostile, anti-Linbaugh attitudes recently expressed. On things 
political, I think he is right much of the time. However, this is not 
the forum for political debates except as they relate directly to 
scientific issues.  However, I could not let the smug backhanding of 
Linbaugh go unanswered.    

Glen Kuban