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lobster lips (Symbion pandora)

Hi gang

Maybe most of you have got it but here is a pretty good description of the
new phylum ( Cycliophora) inhabitant (_Symbion pandora_), ie the bug on the
lobster's lips (if there are any). From US News and Report: "As comlex as it
is small, the organism reproduces both sexually and asexually. While it
feeds-by sweeping the lobster's leftovers into one of its ever forming
mouths_the S. pandora grows a larva in its gut, which is later releases along
with its own replaceable upper half. At other times , it sprouts external
dwarf males and internal females for mating. ..... Siince it comes from the
lip of a lobster, says the University of Cambridge's Simon Conway Morris,
"who knows what may be found lurking under the lettuce."

I guess a newie.

Looking at the drawing that accompanied the artical the thing is ectoproto
with the unuaual capability to have kinky sex and multible mouths. The mouths
are cone shaped with filigree arounf the edges, the thing has a brain of
sorts and it is attached to the lobster's wisker by an adhesive disk.

Now you know as much or more than I do.

paul sparks