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Frosty the Cryolophosaurus

The following seemed appropriate for the season. Just by coincidence I 
noticed that the poem can be "sung" to the tune of "Frosty the Snowman" 
(a copyrighted tune):

        Frosty the Cryolophosaurus

In the Antarctic
Cryolophosaurus roamed.
In Jurassic times,
They were warmer climes
Where he used to make his home.

"Frosty and crested"
Is the name by which he's called.
But it's rather odd,
'Cause this theropod
Never saw a snowflake fall!

        For long ago,
        Before the snow,
        Antarctica was green.
        And Cryolophosaurus was
        A hunter fierce and mean.


Frosty, the Dino,
Was a cryolophosaur!
He would spend the day
In search of prey
On the great antarctic shore!

Best wishes to everyone on the list for a prosperous new year!

----- Amado Narvaez