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Geological conservation course announcement

                        May 13-17, 1996

                        May 20-23, 1996

        presented by the San Diego Natural History Museum       
          in conjunction with Yellowstone National Park

        sponsored by International Academic Projects, London

Geological-origin specimens and objects in museums are subject to a wide 
range of causes of deterioration and damage. Recognizing, monitoring and 
isolating causes of damage to these collections is the focus of the 
preventive conservation course. In the advanced course, open to anyone 
who has completed the first course, participants work with interventive 
conservation measures to repair and restore geological materials.

Course topics:
* Nature, identification and characteristic degradation of mineral and 
        stone types
* Monitoring key environmental variables
* Cleaning, adhesion, and consolidation
* Special concerns of fossil and fossil-bearing materials
* Special concerns of stone artifacts
* Health and safety concerns
* Weathering, salt migration, and efflorescence
* Geological elements in art and architecture
* Concerns of site conservation
* Product information

Course instructors:
Chris Collins, Conservator, Geological Conservation Unit, Sedgwick 
Museum, Cambridge University. Mr. Collins heads the Geological 
Conservation Unit and is chair of the 1996 Second World Congress on 
Natural History Collections. He has taught the only post-graduate diploma 
course in geological conservation.

Sally Shelton, Director, Collections Care and Conservation, San Diego 
Natural History Museum. Ms. Shelton specializes in preventive 
conservation techniques for natural history collections. She is a council 
member of the Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections 
and a graduate of the Cambridge course.

Course site:
Both courses will be hosted at Yellowstone National Park, courtesy of the 
National Park Service, U. S. Department of the Interior. Information on 
lodging, meals and transportation will be sent with the course readings 
to registrants.

Course costs: $350 for registrations received before May 1, $375 after 
that. There is a combined registration fee of $650 for both courses. The 
advanced course is open to people who have previously completed the first 
course or who are registering for both courses together. Course fees do 
not include transportation, lodging or meals.

Further information on International Academic Projects courses can be 
found at the Web site http://www.ucl.ac.uk/~tcfa313, or may be obtained 
from James Black, IAP, 31-34 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PY, United 
Kingdom. phone (171) 387 9651, FAX (171) 388 0283.

Further information and registration materials for the geological 
courses may be obtained by contacting Sally Shelton at the addresses below.

|                                                                       |
|                 San Diego Natural History Museum                      |
|                          P. O. Box 1390                               |
|                San Diego, California   92112  USA                     |
|             phone (619) 232-3821; FAX (619) 232-0248                  |
|                     email LIBSDNHM@CLASS.ORG                          |
|                                                                       |