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Protoavis texensis

An offprint of the following paper arrived at my PO box today:

Chatterjee, S., 1995. "The Triassic bird _Protoavis_," _Archaeopteryx 13_:

If you harbor any doubts that there was a _very_ birdlike archosaur in the
Late Triassic, you must read this paper. Keeled sternum, furcula with
hypocleidium, almost perfectly avialan pectoral girdle, retroverted hallux,
heterocoelous cervicals, u-name-it. Even if _Protoavis_ is a composite mess,
as some have opined, _where did all those avian components come from, and how
did they all become associated in the same two quarries_?

How come this paper isn't being screamed over the media?