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SURVEY: What is your favorite dinosaur?

To all:

I am conducting an Internet survey regarding an individual's favorite
dinosaur species.  The objective is to determine, overall, which dinosaur
species is most favored among the individuals that voted.

If you want to vote, you must, of course, have a dinosaur you favor over
others.  All you have to do is answer this question: What is your favorite

You must also have a second favorite dinosaur.  

When enough votes come in, I will post the results of the survey.  I am sure
the results will be interesting!

Here is what you have to do:

1) Address e-mail to Raptorrkc@aol.com.

2) In the subject header, write DINOSAUR SURVEY VOTE.

3) In the body of the message, write:

FD: <<your favorite dinosaur's name>>

2nd FD: <<the name of your second choice>>
[Here is an example]

FD: Opisthocoelicaudia

2nd FD: Eustreptospondylus

[They aren't MY personal favorites, though.]

4) You do not need to write *any* more.  Send the e-mail.  

NOTE: _Try_ to spell the dinosaurs' names correctly.

Thanks in advance to all who vote!

R.K. Clark