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Re: Oviraptor redivivus

On Fri, 29 Dec 1995 Dinogeorge@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 95-12-28 22:39:59 EST, BGNewhouse@aol.com writes:
> >Forgive this minor suggestion from a dinosaur groupie:
> >but I was speaking to my mother (no paleontologist, but she never met a
> >feathered coelerusaur she didn't like) Christmas Eve, and she suggested that
> >perhaps the Oviraptor found on a nest of eggs was caught at the moment of
> >actually laying them rather than simply brooding them, like the Velociraptor
> >and the Protoceratops fossilized while fighting--just a thought--
> >Brian Newhouse
> The authors of the paper address this very point and conclude that the animal
> was probably not laying the eggs, because no eggs or shells were found within
> the body cavity.
Unless, by fantastic coincidence, it had just finished laying them.

I haven't seen the article. What was the critter's gender? If it was 
male, that'd sure settle the question.

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