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Oviraptor and such

Well, I'm happy to be back on the list after having my mailbox break, then
being turned of the list, then aol not working and on and on....

I've got two questions about Oviraptor.

First, are ALL of the eggs previously assigned to Protoceratops definately
known to be from Oviraptor, or are at least some of them still attributes to

Second, previously Oviraptor philiceratops was pictured with a 'hook-nosed'
crest rather than the 'hatchet-nosed' crest that it is now pictured with.
 What happened to ol' hook-nosed?  Was the hooked-nose a major mistake in
preparation?  Was the head still in rock and hooked-nose was just what they
thought it looked like?  Or is it really a different species than
hatchet-nose (in that case it would have to be determined whether hooked-nose
or hatchet-nose is really philiceratops)?

Peter Buchholz