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18 Questions on Old and New Dinosaur Species

To all:

I have a few questions:

1) Is _Allosaurus atrox_ (a.k.a. _Creosaurus atrox_) a valid lumping?

2) Is there a new name for _Epanterias amplexus_ (a.k.a. _Allosaurus
amplexus_, _Saurophagus_), or do one of the former ones still take priority?

3) Has another species of _Dilophosaurus_ been uncovered?  If so, please tell
me about the specimen(s) uncovered and what we know about this new animal.

4) Has the "long-snouted" daspletosaur (discovered by Bakker) ever been
named?  What remains is it known by?  Does it sink into existing genera?

5) Is _Archaeopteryx bavarica_ a valid species?

6) What is the new species of _Apatosaurus_?  Does it really belong in that

7) What is the difference between _Laosaurus_, _Othnielia_, _Drinker_, and

8) Has the new giant dromaeosaur from Asia been named yet?  Is so, what is
its name? 

9) Has _Albertosaurus saurophagus_ been placed into its own genus,
_Dinotyrannus_.  And, if so, on what basis?

10) Have  _Parasaurolophus_ skulls with short, drooping crests been found
together with _Parasaurolophus_ skulls with long, straighter crests?  In
other words, is _Parasaurolophus cyrtocristatus_ (spelling?) really female
_P. walkeri_?

11) What is the name of the gigantic Como Bluff "megalosaur"?

12) What is the theropod  _Sinraptor_?  When was it
discovered/described/named, what are its relatives, and what remains are it
known from?

13) Has a description of _Pelecanimimus_'s (spelling?) been published yet?
 If so, what IS the description?

14) Is there a New Mexican species of _Syntarsus_?  If so, when was it
discovered?  What is the description?

15) Is there any difference between the two coelophysoid genera
_Lilliensternus_ and _Halticosaurus_?  Are they both valid genera, or is only
ONE valid?  Have any new specimens of these animals turned up recently?

16) Have any new specimens of _Nanotyrannus_ turned up?  Is the animal still
known only from its skull?

17) What is the description for the new specimens of _Deinonychus_?  What do
these specimens tell us, particularly about the shape of the skull?

18) Exactly HOW LONG AND TALL was _Deinonychus_?  At least, estimations for
the various specimens?

Thanks in advance!  I hope you all enjoy answering my questions.

The raptor of all raptors,

R.K. Clark