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Re: Translation of dino names

>Ben Creisler in Seattle has put together the definitive list of dinosaur
>generic-name derivations. Unfortunately, he's not Internet-online. I was
>working on just such a project until he and I began corresponding and I
>realized I would just be reinventing the wheel. It's amazing how many names
>(maybe 5%) have well-known _incorrect_ derivations. His research on all of
>Cope's dinosaur names was published in JVP 12(3), September 1992. Ben didn't
>bother with species, however, so there's still room for some interesting
>research at this level.

Ben is a member of the Northwest Paleontological Association and I'll
probably see him at our January Meeting 1/13.  I'll talk to him about this
and see what we can do for Jeff.

Happy New Year
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