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RKC's questions

        On the subject of the new Apatosaurus: Apatosaurus yahnapin (probably 
sspelled)  is a primitive Apatosaurus. It is most important in that the 
gastralia,i -
ia were presevrved in place along with the brest- darn, I meant sternal-
plates -articulated. Interestingly, the neck articulates with the dorsals
at an angle, as in Camarasaurus, so that the neck is forced upwards. In the
other Apatosaurus and Diplodocus, the neck sticks straight out and can only be 
brought up 
brought up to high tree branches by rearing. 
        The big Megalosaur is named Edmarka rex.
        Pelicanimimus is a two-meter ornithomime with teeth- 220 of them, 
bladelike and unserrate-
like and unserrated (more than any7 other theropod) and a gular sack (or, one 
might think more likely, dewlap)n preserved underrneath the neck. The skin has
structures apparently like ratite feathers. Theere is a published description, 
in Nature or Science, I can't recall which.
        But has anybody heard anything about the other theropod supposedly 
bearing feathers?-
ing feathers?
        -nick L.