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K/T "Katy" Jones

The Ballad of K/T "Katy" Jones

Come all you diggers if you want to hear
the story of a grad student without any fear.
Katy Jones was the digger's name
and in a time-train,  folks,  she won her fame.

Katy Jones,  student of distinction.
Katy Jones,  going back in time.
Katy Jones learned about extinction
with her farewell trip to the K/T line.

Katy Jones was a lady in a hurry.
Katy Jones,  to get her Ph.D.
Katy Jones,  she began to worry
about going back through so much history.

Katy Jones tried to travel faster.
Katy Jones pushed the throttle to the floor.
Katy Jones,  to see the great disaster
that killed off all of the dinosaurs.

Katy Jones said,  "This is sure fantastic!"
Katy Jones,  writing it all down.
Katy Jones went back to the Jurassic
because she forgot to turn around.

Katy Jones,  back a bit too long.
Katy Jones,  flying way too low.
Katy Jones said,  "Something's going wrong now,"
and crash-landed on the mantle of a volcano.

Katy Jones radioed to her advisor.
Katy Jones said,  "You don't want to look."
Katy Jones said,  "I'm sadder but I'm wiser,
and there'll be a bang-up ending to my unpublished book."

Katy Jones went skidding down the crater.
Katy Jones,  down the dinosaur tracks.
Katy Jones,  her curiosity ate her
as she did her final study of a Trainosaurus Wrecks.

Katy Jones' advisor swiped her thesis.
Katy Jones' advisor danced a little jig.
Katy Jones' advisor published it in pieces 
and found another mama on the Hell Creek Dig.