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dino eggs - big

I have been very interested in the postings here and hope
this can contribute to the discussion.  For several months I 
have been preparing a nest of dinosaur eggs from the
Jurassic of Colorado - Morrison Formation. The eggs appear
to have been laid in a definate pattern. They show no
obvious indication of trauma caused by hitting the ground
from a great height.  Some distortion is present in about
50% of the eggs, but it appears to be a result of the
hatching process. The neat rows of eggs would seem to
indicate that they were not "splatted" into the nest.
  There also has been speculation on whether any
vegetation may have been used as nesting material - perhaps 
to cushion the eggs. That question is still unresolved at
this point.

     Talk you later-
                     Virginia Tidwell

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 Subject:  dino eggs - big
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