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Re: Dino Frontline, JVP, Hunteria

>From: LBlosser@aol.com
 > Also, is _Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology_ available outside of SVP
 > membership?  If so, does anyone have subscription info? 

It is available in a great many university libraries, but not
all.  (UCLA does *not* have it, but Cal. State Long Beach does).
 > Finally, I've seen a reference or two for a publication called _Hunteria_,
 > which I gather may be a publication for a museum (Colorado?).

Yep, is it published by the natural history museum associated
with the university at which Bakker teaches.  It is more or less
Bakker's main forum.

 > The reference
 > I recall seeing was Bakker, et al's publishing a Nanotyrannus paper there?
 >  Is this a "dinosaur science" publication, or is it more a general museum
 > publication?

It is an "occcasional paper" series, and very technical.
[I have the Nanotyrannus issue, and a couple of others, like
the Denversaurus issue].

Unfortunately, it has a very limited circulation, aand I know
of no university library outside of Colorado that carries it.

[P.S. Bakker is a rather extreme splitter, so many of his genera are
oversplit in my opinion - for instance I do not accept Denversaurus].

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