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Re: eggs with thin shells

Again, oops, I meant to send it here in the first place.......
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Subj:    Re: eggs with thin shells 
Date:    95-02-10 01:44:46 EST
>From:    Flyinggoat
To:      larrys@zk3.dec.com

>What good are the pubic processes structurally anyway?
>Would they have made a good `mounting point' (so to speak :-) for >the
genital organs of both male and female, and have allowed a >smaller drop
height for the eggs?

>>That's another thing that always bothered me about the tails.  >>Seems like
they'd get in the way.

Seems to me I remember something about somebody speculating why sauropods
seemed to have fractured tail bones more than seemed coincidence.   And that
was that the breaks occured while mating, and indicated the sauropod was
female.   Now, was it Phil Currie in Dinosaurs Rediscovered...?

Betty Cunningham(Flyinggoat@aol.com)