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Re: T. bataar eggs...again

Ray McAllister wrote: 

>Ken and other contributors,
>       Have cat scans, MRI's or other internal work been done on these 
>eggs yet. I would guess such work would go a long way toward settling 
>arguments if embryos were found! IMHO

Not to my knowledge.  Besides, hi tech (CAT, X-ray, MRI) have proven to 
be nearly a flop with work on eggs.  It is important to remember that 
most of these techniques rely on density differences.  Thus, if the bone 
is the same density as the infilled matrix, then nothing shows up.  
Also, most eggs that appeared on the market are actually upside down.  
Once the hatchling has pushed out of the nest, the sides and bottom of 
the egg remain intact.  This is the side prepared and sold because it 
looks whole.  If the top were prepared, there would be a shell lined 

Kenneth Carpenter