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Re: rumour?

>Whatever happened to the rumour about the Chinese Archaeopteryx(es)?
>Did somebody answer it and I missed it?
>Is it still a rumour?

The Chinese ones haven't been verified yet, but pictures of the Late
Jurassic Korean "archaeopterygid" has been published in Japanese science
magazines.  I have a xerox of a fax of a xerox of the picture (courtesy of
R. Molnar), and from that, it sure looks like an Archaeopteryx or a really
small dromaeosaurid.  It is only a partial skeleton, however.

Hopefully, some one will publish more technical descriptions of it soon.

Also, there have been a fair number of Early Cretaceous Chinese birds
discovered lately, of which only Sinornis and Cathayornis (to my knowledge)
have been published.  These are more advanced than Archaeopteryx.

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