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Re: K-T Theories, can't resist stuff

On Feb 6,  4:48pm, Art Berggreen wrote some stuff on the subject: Re: K-T 

        < Unimportant stuff deleted>

> Ah, it becomes clear....
> As a species of highly evolved dinosaur was developing their highly
> unstable Iridium Moderated Fusion Reactor technology, they were
> severely polluting the oceans.  Just as the pollution reached toxic
> levels, they lost control of their reactors.

NO NO NO!!! Don't you watch TV??  On the last episode of Dinosaur, we all
saw it.  It was the We Say So Corporation that destroyed all the plants
and the bottom of the food chain based on an idea by Earl Sinclair.  Yes,
you can write that in stone.

> Sorry, couldn't resist. ;>}

Me neither...

> Art
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