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Re(2): Flock Carnivores Discovered!

Lars Bergqqist wrote:
>> Don't Crows and Ravens pack hunt? or maybe some form of pack hunting.
>> I've personally seen a flock of crows numbering in the hundreds. I
>> didn't  notice any form or structure. 

>Answer: no. Crows and ravens are primarily scavengers [...} --cooperation is 
>mutual, in other words, it takes two (at a minimum) to cooperate.

>Lars Bergquist
>(lexicographer--a harmless drudge according to Dr. Johnson, so bear
>with me)

Crows do of course cooperatively mob hawks and other potential threats to 
their nests.  This is not quite the same as a cooperative hunt for food.  
It is cooperation nonetheless, and it is for mutual benefit.

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