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Morocco trip

Sorry for posting again.
I have had several responses but when details were given no confirmed takers.

I still have a few spaces left on this collecting and learning trip to
Morocco. This is a trip that I am organising for people interested in
visiting Morocco and collecting fossils. This is not a sposored collecting
expedition and I am only organising this on behalf of myself and some
friends who are also keen fossil people.

The above said, one of the people joining us is Dr. Dale Russel from the
Canadian Museum of Natural Science. Dr. Russel has been studying Morrocan
dinosaurs for the past 18 months. I am sure that many people would like to
join us. I will give preference to people who have past experience
collecting or are associated with or are presently doing research in this
area of fossils.

Please respond directly to me and give me some idea of your background.