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Beer Fridge

Hey gang: Before the great pachy land rush starts - the refrigerator
I had in mind was one of those made to hold a 1/4 keg inside with a
tap coming out the front (I'm sure you could retro-fit it with an IV
if you really wanted to). I'll even buy the first 1/4 keg. However,
by articulated pachy, I mean significant post-cranial material
material, preferably with some head material also. I don't want
much do I? I can dream. The nice guy they have in the display at the
Tyrell makes the heart go a-poundin'.

I wonder what Ken Carpenter would supply one for (just the right anky?).

How about you Tom (theropod something no doubt)?

Mike - some boring duck-bill stuff? Maybe another mummy?

Heck, if it were easy, it'd just be the keg or a six-pack.

Yours in anticipation of a massive 19th century like land rush.

Ralph Chapman