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JP and dino toys

> Somewhat tying into the thread on dinosaur toys and their effects on
> children, I think the thing that concerned me the most about "Jurassic
> Park" (the movie) was the descriptions of Tyrannosaurus' hunting
> strategy.  In the book, Alan Grant formulated the hypothesis that
> Tyrannosaurus couldn't see stationary objects *AFTER* it didn't eat
> him as he stood motionless against its nose.  In the movie, Alan Grant
> claimed that T. rex vision was "based on motion" while he was still at
> the dig site.

Sigh. I shuddered when that particular line was uttered in the movie.
In the book this was used to clue Grant that the genetically engineered
dinos could be breeding. Here was a Rex displaying an amphibian trait,
and they used frog RNA to fill in sequence gaps, so what other
traits might they have 'inherited'? Another myth started in the name
of dramtic license.

Anyway, I remember a animated tricertops I had when I was a kid. It
sticks in my memory because it was pretty close to what was considered
correct at the time. The thing I didn't like even then was that they
stuck a red lamp in the mouth that lit up when the mouth opened. I could
only guess this was a laser or flame thrower.