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Re: Further on ankylosaurus

>to a whack with that club not only to the kneecap but perhaps to >the
genitals.  On a more serious note (except for the T-Rex >hopping around
trying unsuccessfully to clutch his ballocks with >his short arms),

   If dinosaurs are analogous to birds and reptiles, female therapods, at
least, would have their genitals 'behind' their legs.  They did attempt to
show this in the Jurassic Park toy line, which was designed from the book,
not the movie. (Though the adult T Rex roaring toy with stomping action is a
cast from the Stan Winston maquee used for the computer animation. More
useless trivia you didn't really need to know)
   How accurate would this have been?
   Would the cloaca opening be below (closer to the front of the dinosaur) or
above (closer to the tail of the dinosaur) the bulgey portion of the pubis?
   Would it have appeared differently for boy dinosaurs and girl dinosaurs,
or would it just look like a slit until it was 'needed'?
   Would other dinosaur types have it any differently based on bird-hipped as
compared to lizard-hipped?

Betty Cunningham(Flyinggoat@aol.com)