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Re: Help with models/reconstructions (fwd)

Chris Nedin
>There is,
> however, some stunning computer graphics of Burgess Shale fauna, especially
> _Opabinia_ (the vacuum cleaner). Well worth seeing if it gets shown. there
> is an English language version in production for international
> distribution, but so far I have only seen a master tape of the Japanese
> version. This episode is episode 2. They plan to cover the whole fossil

I'll have to see if any of the people I know who are serious collectors
of Japanese animation might have this on tape --it's something I've
always wanted to try animating myself.

I saw an add for this show in the Japanese animation magazine "NewType."
It was something of a shock to find the two interests of mine suddenly
being connected!

The translation I was given for the ad described the show as being about
the "strange and violent creatures" from a 570,000,000 year old Canadian

Samuel "Dr.Allosaurus" Crider
Computer Graphics Lab Coordinator
Columbia College Chicago