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Re: email address

>Sorry to bug the list with this kind of request. I was given the names of
>Brent Breithaupt, Harley Armstrong and Bill Gallagher as people I should
>talk with regarding my dino fossil cast education project since they have
>been involved in similar projects. I have requested twice via personal
>email to get either an email, snail mail or phone number for these people
>from the individual that suggested I contact them. It has been over two
>weeks and no information as yet. Does anyone on the list know any of these
>guys and how I might contact them. Your time and consideration is appreciated.
>Thanks in advance,
>Martin Tillett


        Brent Breithaupt
        Dept. Geology and Geophysics
        Geology Museum
        PO Box 3006
        Laramie  WY   82070

        Harley Armstrong
        PO Box 20000
        Grand Junction  CO   81502-5001

        Bill Gallagher
        Science Bureau
        New Jersey State Museum
        205 W State  CN-530
        Trenton  NJ   08625

        These are from the 1993 SVP address directory; I don't believe the
first two have changed, but I can't vouch for the last.

Jerry D. Harris
Denver Museum of Natural History
2001 Colorado Blvd.
Denver, CO  80205
(303) 370-6403

Internet:  jdharris@teal.csn.net
CompuServe:  73132,3372
        "I repainted the picture Brown had painted for us.  A dying,
shrinking lake...these great...behemoths...dying..."
        "Well," she said, "all you tell me may be so...but I still can't
see why such creatures would have wanted to do it in the first place."
        "Do what, ma'am?"
        "Why, crawl away back under all that rock to die."

-- Roland T. Bird, _Bones for Barnum Brown_