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     The Kentucky Paleontological Society makes its members subscribe
 to a code of ethics before joining.  Any member violating this code is
likely to be kicked out or repremanded after discussion.  I suggest that
a partial solution to the ethics of collecting fossils would be the
formation of similar organizations with similar codes in other states.
Professional paleontologists should not complain about amateurs if they
have no contact with them and/or refuse to educate them.
     Our code of ethics is as follows-


I. Members shall not collect specimens where prohibited by federal,
state, or local laws.

II. Members shall not trespass on private property.  All private
property laws shall be respected by members.

III.  Members agree to protect scientifically important sites.  These
sites will be made known to members by the Executive Committee.

IV.  Members agree to make all specimens of scientific importance
available to recognized scientific researchers or institutions for
study and photography before final disposal.  Sale of specimens of
scientific importance should be done with respect towards their scientific
value; donations to scientific institutions are encouraged.

V.  Members agree not to over collect sites, thus allowing others
to study and enjoy those sites.

VI.  Members agree not to collect in advance of Society field trips.

Dan Phelps         jfcost00@ukcc.uky.edu
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