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Re: Ishtar Gate (was: More than we wanted to hear on Dragons)

> L.S. de Camp did indeed write "The Dragon of the Ishtar Gate", but
> there wasn't really any sci-fi aspect to it - more of a historical novel.
> Good book, though. It recreates the politics (and executions) of the era
> quite well.

Actually, I've heard that de Camp is a fairly active participant in the paleo
community (at least from time to time). I always rather liked his works; he
seems to be the only author who still writes in the Golden Age style, and
several of his novels have included some rather interesting "paleontology
in space" themes. Does anyone know what his paleo background is, other than
his SVP membership?
(Apologies if this has wandered a tad off-topic, but it's something I've
been wondering about for a few years...)

My thanks to those who helped out with the Horner information!

Dan Lipkowitz