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Re: Classes of Paleontologist

Bob -

        Thanks for the review.  This is an interesting way of classifying
various "kinds" of paleontologist.  (At least letter grades weren't used!
8-)  )  I know it isn't your list, but might I suggest a small alteration?
In category "1", the professional paleontologist (the "PhD types"), please
note that not all professionals who do field work, lab prep, research and
study, and write and publish papers necessarily have PhDs!  Some have only
Master's, and some have only Bachelor's degrees.  Some of these may be
"type 2s", but others aren't.

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        "I repainted the picture Brown had painted for us.  A dying,
shrinking lake...these great...behemoths...dying..."
        "Well," she said, "all you tell me may be so...but I still can't
see why such creatures would have wanted to do it in the first place."
        "Do what, ma'am?"
        "Why, crawl away back under all that rock to die."

-- Roland T. Bird, _Bones for Barnum Brown_